Women and Whisky

Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky Ltd have been working hard to get new recipes for Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky Cocktails. Custom made to a very high standard, you will not be disappointed!! Women make up 50% or more of the whisky drinking market in places such as France and Russia. Men drink whisky and chat about it…something women do best. Whisky is a drink that brings people together and gives them something interesting to talk about. Why not join the hype?

Different countries have different concoctions for drinking whisky. For example, in Brazil they drink it with coconut water and ice and in China they drink it with cold sweet green tea with ice. Duncan Taylor are about to release their own brand of green tea to the market called ‘Lady Luck’ more information will be available nearer the time of release.

Celebrities have joined us in our love for whisky and are helping women turn to love whisky. Contrary to popular belief, whisky just tastes like whisky. Nothing different in each bottle, just that strong whisky smell. You are wrong. Every whisky has its own unique taste and whether you like a peaty malt or a citrus flavoured blend, there are so many different varieties to satisfy your palate. Creamy vanilla is a popular one and one to look out for!!

“The glamorisation of whisky by celebrities is one of the reasons why whisky is enjoying heightened success,” said Kai Ivalo, marketing director of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. “There is plenty of evidence that increasing numbers of females are joining us now.

Duncan Taylor are planning a cocktail event to help women understand and enjoy the hype and get everyone involved in this fantastic drink! Keep an eye out for the details about this event to follow! ;)


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