Funny whisky story of the week!

Funny whisky story of the week!

A well renowned member of the Scottish whisky distilling industry passed away. His funeral was held at a remote kirk in the Scottish glens. An hour before the service, two large cars drew up about the same time and out of them stepped Mr. Haig and Mr. Walker. Each was the head of his own famous brand of Scottish whisky and both were lifelong business rivals. Neither had anticipated such a short journey time to the kirk, so with everyone else yet to arrive, Mr. Walker suggested that they repair to the local hostelry and pass the time over a dram. Entering the pub, Mr. Haig said to Mr. Walker “You find a seat and I’ll buy the drinks.” He duly purchased two large Haig whiskies and taking a seat beside Mr. Walker, he began to remark upon how odd it was that they should have been in competition for so long and yet fate had conspired that they should meet under such circumstances and be sitting enjoying a drink together. After more polite conversation, Mr. Walker looked to his watch and said “I think we have time for one more drink before the funeral.” He thereupon went to the bar and ordered two more large Haigs. Mr. Haig was deeply moved by the gesture. “Rab,” he said, “You humble me. Here we have been bitter business rivals in the whisky market all these years and yet, today we meet and drink together as friends. But, when I bought the first round, I chose my own brand and yet, you have proven yourself the better man for when it was your round, you did not likewise force your own brand upon me, but bought my own and took another for yourself as well. Only a true gentleman could be so thoughtful.” Mr. Walker nodded amicably. “Ah well, Hamish” he replied. “That’s a very kind thing for you to say, but after all, we wouldn’t want to be going into church smelling of whisky now, would we?”

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