New Casks Bottled

New Rare Auld Bottlings

Rare Auld Cragganmore 1985 25YO Cask 2406
Description:  Built in 1869 by John Smith one of the most experienced distillers of his time.  Not much has changed since then but he got it right so why change!
Colour: Amber
Nose: Oranges, honey, rosemary and fennel, pink shrimp sweets.  Touch of menthol with cardamon and heather.
Taste: Warm, hints of cinnamon and liquorice.  Some honey notes and then aniseed.  Bananas and vanilla pods appear.
Finish: Herbal, grassy and thick toffee notes and faint menthol notes
Comment: Classic aged Cragganmore – lets have some more please!

Rare Auld Mortlach 1989 22YO Cask 4034
Description:  William Grant of Glenfiddich learnt his trade at Mortlach, so you could argue that without Mortlach the Whisky Category could look a lot different.
Colour: Gold
Nose:  Apples, lemon Crumble, becomes sweeter with toffee bananas and Vanilla.
Taste:  Lemon Sponge Cake, Waxy fruit, Gooseberries. Thick month feel, natural yoghurt
Finish: Faint spice, quite creamy with mar ram grass (the stiff at the beach)
Comment: Thick and Chewy Mortlach, this is a belter!!

Rare Auld Teaninich 1983 27YO Cask 6716
Description:  A new distillation unit was built at the distillery in 1970 with the old unit being closed in 1984 1 year after this was distilled.
Colour: Bright Gold
Nose: Very juicy, limes, kiwis, peaches and mango.  The fruits become more strawberries and lychee with time
Taste: Very milky, lots of toffee sweetness and some melted chocolate.  Then the fresh juicy fruits power through with a touch of gingerbread.
Finish: The fruits disappear quickly in the finish, giving way to a big creaminess and a little nutmeg.
Comment: What a dram – one of the best if not THE best I have tried from this distillery!

Rare Auld Miltonduff 1982 28YO Cask 6144
Description:  This distillery was originally alleged to be brewery run by monks until they discovered it was much more suited to making whisky!
Colour: Bright Amber
Nose: Soft coco powder, faint bacon and maple syrup. Some orange notes emerge with a hint of bay leaves and semolina    
Taste: a little golden rum like to begin with. Initially quite spicy with a taste reminiscent of pick your own fruit farm. Some green fruits come through with a big dollop of clotted cream
Finish: Creaminess lingers along with soft chocolate notes and a touch of fresh mint
Comment: Mint Chocolate and strawberries and cream 

Rare Auld Inchgower 1982 29YO Cask 6974
Description:  In 1938 – the year Duncan Taylor was founded Bell’s bought Inchgower distillery for £3,000
Colour: Gold
Nose: Caramel toffee, Battenburg cakes, lemon curd and vanilla essence.  Some oily notes and lots of orange – boiled sweets.
Taste: Very sponge cake like, but moist!  More lemon notes coming through.  Some more vanilla essence with icing sugar and some white chocolate.
Finish: Custard creams, touch of fennel, lime leaves and faint horseradish.
Comment: A Birthday Cake Whisky!

Rare Auld Glen Moray 1990 20YO Cask 10295
Description: Commonly in the market this has been bottled very young which is a shame, give it decent time in cask and it shows its true potential.
Colour: Gold
Nose: Butterscotch, unlit cigars, oranges, peaches, old leather, sweet shortcake biscuits
Taste: Pear drops, lemon bonbons, becomes grassy, dry earth and slightly medicinal
Finish: Olive oil, cigar boxes with hints of a woodland walk
Comment: A fruity speysider that wants to be in Havana

Rare Auld Glen Elgin 1985 26YO Cask 1524
Description:  It is unusual to see aged stock from this distillery, it does age very well however – classic worm tub whisky.
Colour: Bronze
Nose: Warm stewed fruits, white chocolate cheesecake.  Faint hints of swimming pools, dry grass and toffee sauce.
Taste: Marzipan, marshmallows and kiwi fruits.  Barley sugars and lemon bonbons.
Finish: Hints of orange peel, bitter chocolate and waxy grape notes.
Comment: A tropical fruit punch

New NC2 Bottlings

NC2 Mortlach 1998 12YO
Description:  Mortlach is what the speyside’s drink in the local bar! This first legal distillery in Dufftown and many argue the best!
Colour: Gold
Nose: Big Nose: creamy, liquorices, bubblegum, toffee sauce and lots of peaches melon and mango
Taste: Thick and Creamy mouth feel, a little mixed herbs with coconut and carbonnara sauce. Touch of all spice and then some chocolate sponge cake
Finish: More Chocolate and nectarine notes come out in the finish!
Comment: This has everything in it. This whisky deserves 20 minutes!!

NC2 Royal Brackla 1997 13YO
Description:  The first of 3 distilleries that are entitled to used the word ‘Royal’ in their name!!
Colour: Chardonnay
Nose:  Milky, mint chews, waxy with hints of old leather. Tinned pineapples and tempura batter.
Taste: Very nutty, haylofts, gooseberries and whipped cream, distant hints of poached pears and cinnamon
Finish:  Lemon grass, rye and honeycombs
Comment: lots of spring like qualities


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