Tasting Notes for Recent Bottlings

Rare Auld Glen Moray 1986 24yo 55.6% Cask 2858

Colour: Gold

Nose: Zesty lemon & lime marmalade with a touch of treacle toffee and apples

Taste: Intense fruity spices, lemon grass, touch of fresh oak and spearmint

Finish: Lingering with creamy oakiness developing nicely and a hint of cola bottles!

Comment: Great balance with great spice!


Rare Auld Grain North British 1978 32yo 55.2% Cask 38476

Colour: Gold

Nose: Banoffee cheesecake, digestive biscuits and delicious lime cordial

Taste: Vanilla, honeycomb, oaky notes and hints of juicy citrus fruits. A touch oily.

Finish: Mouth coating yet gentle with creamy toffee notes developing

Comment: This is seriously good!


Octave Aberlour 1993 17yo 55.4% Cask 331178

Before: Vanilla, limes, polish, aniseed and lemonade.

After: Strawberries, caramel, pears, cocoa powder and lemons.


Octave Caol Ila 1983 28yo 51.7% Cask 400926

Before: Waxy, orange rind, dry ash, smoke and aniseed.

After: Vanilla, sesame seeds, soft smoke, lime, raspberries, kiwi fruits and peaches.


Octave Craigellachie 1999 11yo 54.8% Cask 752330

Before: Melons, straw, brown sugar and coffee beans.

After: Grapes, lemon zest, soft ash, ginger and grassy.


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