Reviews on Whisky Connosr.com

Over the past few months we have received several fantastic reviews on Whisky Connors website, below is just one of these.

For more information on Whisky Connosr and to read all the reviews please click on the link at the bottom of this post:


This is the last Rare Auld i will be reviewing in this series. I saved the best for last, as this was by far the best of the bunch. I am fond of sherry, that is well known, but this wee dram, is a true gem. No less.

I do think it’s the first Tamnavulin i am reviewing officially, and it’s not the last if i have anything to do with it … So without further ado, let’s get on with the dramming!

Nose: Sweet, honey dollops, some dried fruit (fig and date), Cinnamon , pine and wood.very inviting, very sweet.

Palate: quite sharp on entry ABV% is well felt. Then Sweet dried fruits, prunes, and quite some wood spice. Mouth coating, and plain delicious! I like this stuff! No, I love it!

Finish : Chocolate, Fruit compote, wee smoke, and dark chocolate at the end. A delightful finish.

Bottom line:

This is an ace. Probably one of the better sherried older drams i’ve tried recently. Great choice of cask. A wonderful nose, Better palate, and a winning finish. One can not ask for more. Simple, Brilliant! And the price, just right!. Mind you the Snow Phoenix by Glenfiddich which is not in this league costs the same… Single cask, 21 year old, wonderful for 79? I want ,no I need one.



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