Caperdonich 1972 Cask 7420 48.8%

It has been at least three days since I tried a Caperdonich so I thought that I should share the notes from one of our most recent bottlings cask 7420.  I know that we have none of this cask left in Huntly but it should still be available in specialist shops around the world.  Get some while you can!

Colour:  Amber

Nose:  Stewed apples, blackberries (the fruit not the phone) and a hint of rhubarb.  Warm oakiness.  Clove studded oranges, mint, traditional lemonade and strawberry jam

Taste:  Delicate spice, warm fruity notes.  Black cherries, apple skins, fresh cut wood, aprivots and honey.

Finish:  Flat cherry cola, touch of oak and bags of fruit.

Comment:  This is excellent, I am a huge fan of this distillery and this one is stunning, yes there is a slight woodiness but then it is 38 years old but this is balanced perfectly with a big blast of fruit.

Top notch!



1 Response to “Caperdonich 1972 Cask 7420 48.8%”

  1. 02/04/2010 at 21:48

    Ssave me a botle. I will be over early Mat

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